Web GIS Portal for ELOO Information System

ELOO (Locations containing discarded waste) is an online, multi-user system of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy for reporting and visualization of discarded waste. The application is intended for registered users (municipal services monitoring officers and city/municipality offices) to fulfil the obligations prescribed by Article 36. of the Sustainable Waste Management Act. Citizens also have access to the application and the ability to record waste disposal sites.

Prehnit worked on developing the web GIS component of the ELOO application. Web GIS application functionality includes data visualization depending on the profile of the user. All users have access to the web GIS Portal, while the public has limited rights and a limited set of data to visualize.

We have developed the complete functionality of the map in the application, which include the main functionalities of the map and the possibility of plotting sketches as lines or polygons, drawing points on the map by exporting the drawn points to email in the selected coordinate system, printing the map and saving it in pdf/jpeg format using the standard browser option, and display of external layers – OGC web services (WMS, WMTS, etc.).

Access to the ELOO information service is at the following page: eloo.haop.hr, and access to the web GIS browser at the following page: eloo.haop.hr/…/pregled.