Our team

One of the pillars on which we base our business is certainly teamwork, because the best results are achieved by incorporating various professions, personnel profiles and opinions, which combine to produce the best solutions. It is teamwork and cooperation, along with a clear mission and vision, that are the most important segments of business development.

Our team is versatile and multidisciplinary because it is composed of different profiles, both in terms of professions and individual personalities. It consists of Esri certified professionals in the field of geoinformatics, GIS & ICT consultants, surveyors, programmers and experts in natural and technical sciences. We are always prepared to respond to different on-job challenges, regardless of the complexity or geographical location of the project.

GIS Software Development Team as a Service

Our experienced software development team with fully developed DevOps and cloud service experience is available as a Team as a Service. The team consists of:

  • GIS/ICT project manager,
  • senior web GIS software developer,
  • senior system administrator and
  • senior software architect and database administrator.