IT Solutions

We have a team of experienced GIS software application developers. In cooperation with our business partners, we offer unique solutions for spatial data collection.

Software development within GIS is often undertaken when the user identifies a repetitive task or time taking set of routines that can be undertaken more efficiently by software development.

Our experts develop application’s Back-End and Front-End by using rapid development frameworks and state of the art technologies. Also, our team has experience in developing mobile, tablet, and desktop applications and services that provide complete and full GIS solutions based on customized applications.

One of the team’s field of activity is software development on demand and programming for applications of wide range of difficulty and complexity, which we approach professionally and handle efficiently.

The CLCCro Web GIS Portal shows a time-series data on land cover and land cover change for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Data presented are a result of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service activities which are an integral part of the European Commission’s Earth Observation programme called Copernicus.
This application is intended for the public to easily view, analyze, search and download statistical analyzes produced under the project “Copernicus – motrenje korištenja i promjena u korištenju zemljišta, te prateće aktivnosti za razdoblje 2017-2021”.

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Our team of software developers actively works on development of our own, unique software solution – Web GIS Geoportal, innovative platform for the development of digital maps and their publication on the Internet with full support of spatial database management and editing as foundation of map’s visualization framework.

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Solar Suitability Map Application

Velika Gorica SOLAR CITY application displays public and residential buildings of Velika Gorica City with the potential roof areas for the solar power plants installation.
Solar maps, as representations of the potential solar energy usage, are publicly available and free and they allow buildings’ owners, potential investors, and all interested parties to find out whether a potential solar power plant on their roof is profitable. The energy contribution of solar power plants is in a direct relation to the consumption of energy and gas emissions savings and can be compared to them.

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Habitat Mapper

Habitat Mapper is a mobile application specifically designed for a field research of terrestrial habitats. The application is used on tablet devices with Android Operating System.
Its usage in the field does not require a mobile internet connection; it uses pre-loaded maps (navigation map, topographic map 1:25000, and digital orthophoto 1:5000) and thematic data (habitat polygon delineation as a resulting process of photointerpretation based on remote sensing).

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Adriatic Adventure Geoportal

The Adriatic Adventure application is designed to give the best possible layout and provide useful information of tourist facilities in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the coast of Montenegro.
Purpose of the Adriatic Adventure application is to have a simple and quick access to desired information, and the ability to create own trip planner.

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PhotoRenamer is a desktop application developed in JavaFX for quickly and easily renaming large amounts of photos taken for each point of habitats.
Desired photos are selected and joined to the sites to be automatically renamed so their new name contains the initials of surveyors, the identification number of points to which they belong, and their position in relation to the surveyed habitat (E – East, W – West, N – North, S – South).

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