Land Surveying Services

Geodesy is the science of surveying and depicting the Earth’s size, shape, orientation, mass distribution and how these vary with time.

Geodesy deals with the methods of data collection, measurement methods and surveying instruments, as well as the method of processing and displaying measurement data. The basic task of geodesy is to measure the land for the purpose of making maps and plans.

We deliver advanced solutions using the latest instruments and software.

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We provide a wide range of surveying services including:

Preparation of geodetic studies
Geodetic project
Legalization of buildings
Object implementation to Cadastre
Subdivision of land
Coordination between Cadastre and Land Registry
Preparing geodetic surveying maps for designs
Boundary and easement surveying
Utility surveys and mapping
Geodetic supervision within building construction
Condominium registration
Drone surveying and visualization
3D laser scanning (LiDAR)