Land Surveying Services

If you’ve ever built a house, building, or some other facility, you’ve certainly had to deal with surveyors. Their services are needed when dealing with the physical layout of any given area—determining the condition of the land before and during construction, while organizing and supervising work, or, for example, during the process of legalizing existing properties.

Our geodetic technicians, certified geodetic engineers, and our master engineers of geodesy and geoinformatics are in charge of collecting and processing spatial data with the help of measuring stations, GNSS devices, and recording by drones from the air. The data is then transferred from the field to a computer and processed using specialized programs.

The surveying services we offer to our clients include:

  • preparation of geodetic studies
  • geodetic projects
  • legalization of buildings
  • registration of buildings
  • subdivision of land
  • coordination between Cadastre and Land Registry
  • engineering surveying
  • utility surveys and mapping
  • boundary and easement surveying
  • geodetic supervision within building construction
  • aerophotogrammetry
  • 3D laser scanning (LiDAR)

We offer a wide range of geodetic services. For more information about services, contact us by email by calling the number +385 1 5513 890.