GISe – GIS Education

Based on our many years of experience, we have designed a range of courses that we organize for individuals, companies, and organizations.

All our courses are designed for small groups of participants, which allows us to provide a customized approach. The courses include materials in Croatian based on local examples and data. Participants also receive a certificate signed by an Esri certified instructor.

Courses are organized at our training centre at Trg Eugena Kvaternika 3/1 in Zagreb, but we are also able to organize courses at your premises as well. Furthermore, we have all the necessary infrastructure for organizing courses online, customized to your wishes and needs.

For more information contact us via e-mail: or phone: +385-1-5513-890.

Introduction to GIS

Introduction to GIS Course is designed for a one-day basic introdution to the concept of GIS and the chosen platform lasting 6 hours. It is intended as a general instruction to GIS and its applications; desktop GIS versus web GIS, case studies of various GIS applications and a practical demonstration of the basic capabilities of the platform by choice.

Practical basics of GIS

This 20-hour course the basics of the GIS platform. It is purposefully designed for beginners to get acquainted with the basic concepts of GIS and its practical applications. Learn to think like a GIS analysts and effectively use the main features of the interface, including its basic tools and functions, and how to create and visualize a basic GIS map.

GIS basic course

Through the GIS basic course, lasting 36 hours, we go more in depth with the practical uses and various functionalities of GIS through the introduction of coordinate systems, data transformation, georeferencing, explaining data collection and editing, and spatial data analysis.

Accelerated GIS basic course

The accelerated GIS basic course lasts three days and fully covers the topic of the GIS basic course. However, the content is covered with greater intensity and the practical part of the course is shortened to 24 hours.

GIS advanced course

The GIS advanced course is designed to maintain the acquired knowledge about GIS. It is held over 24 hours and is intended for more experienced GIS users. The course briefly covers the basics, while the emphasis is on statistical calculations, simple and advanced spatial data analysis, creating a summarized data set, introduction to annotations, batch processes, and making models and atlases.

GIS personalized course

The GIS personalized course is completely individualized and created in agreement with you, according to your specific needs. It can include several different types of education such as courses on raster data, topology, the production of specialized maps, remote sensing and much more. The duration, subject matter and intensity of this course is fully adapted to the needs of the participants.

Use of drones in business

This course, lasting 24 hours, is based on the theoretical and practical use of drones. The aim is to acquaint participants with the principles of drones and the possibilities of improving their business by using them effectively. The course covers the basics of flying, existing regulations, planning of flight operations, recording and processing of aerial photogrammetric images, as well as the inspection and calculation of the positive and negative volume of objects, plus tips & tricks from our experienced instructors.

GIS in spatial planning

This is a course lasting 24 hours that includes methods of visualization, management and analysis of spatial data using the advanced functionalities of GIS tools based on Esri ArcMap or QGIS platforms using local examples. The purpose of this course is to improve overall business processes. Through lectures and specialized practical exercises, participants will be taken through the necessary functions of GIS in order to speed up their work and make it as efficient as possible. In addition, you will be shown how to overcome the challenges of converting CAD data formats to GIS, and how to solve topological errors and conceptual irregularities.

Business data visualization

We offer a 30-hours course Business Data Visualization during 4 days. The course includes an introduction to databases, data visualization and symbolization, graphs application, creation of pivot tables, data preparation for visualization, GIS, and visualization using maps.

Data preparation for the National Physical Planning Strategy

This course on data preparation for the National Physical Planning Strategy is based on the processes necessary for the processing and preparation of spatial plan data in order to be successfully converted and sent to the Institute for Spatial Development. The training takes place on Autodesk/AutoCAD, Esri ArcMap or QGIS platforms with a planned duration of 16 hours over two days.

GIS in spatial planning — for advanced students

For more experienced GIS users, we offer the possibility of advanced education in the use of GIS in spatial planning. This two-day training course lasts 16 hours, and includes advanced data editing. The training is based on Esri ArcMap or QGIS platforms, depending on the preferences of the participants.

GIS for protected areas

In addition, we also offer a GIS training course tailored for employees of public institutions that manage protected areas. The course, lasting 36 hours over five working days, will use either Esri ArcMap or QGIS platforms with local examples, according to the preferences of the participants.