GISe – GIS Education

As part of our wider GIS Consultancy services, we offer training and support arrangements for ESRI ArcGIS and QGIS for individual participants, companies and organisations. After careful consideration of the user’s aspirations and the level of GIS knowledge, we provide you a particularly bespoke and customized approach to training and support. Prehnit has a long-standing experience in education on GIS platforms with a broad spectrum of users and clients.

Our courses are customized for small groups of participants, which allows us to have individual access to each participant, so there is a limited number of participants per course. Our courses include Croatian language course materials and a certificate signed by an ESRI certified instructor.

We provide 8 level education courses:

Introduction to GIS Course

Introduction to GIS Course is a one-day basic course for introduction to the concept of GIS and the chosen platform through 6 hours. It is designed for fast-paced education on GIS and its applications; about GIS in general, desktop VS web GIS, practical examples of various GIS applications and covering the practical part of the basic capabilities of the chosen platform.

GIS Introduction Course

This course is designed to cover the basics of the chosen GIS platform through 20 hours. It is specifically designed to introduce attendants to the GIS concept and its applications; giving insight to a GIS analyst point of view; explaining and using the fundamental capabilities of the interface; using main application’s tools and functions; creating and visualizing a simple GIS map.

GIS Basic Course

This course is intended to provide extensive knowledge to learn more about complex GIS functions and operations through 36 hours. The course covers the topics of coordinate system transformations; raster data processing; raster georeferencing; spatial data analysis; creating and visualizing a more complex map.

GIS Basic Accelerated Course

GIS Basic Accelerated Course (3 days) covers the subject of the GIS Basic Course, but the pace of the course has a greater intensity with a shorter duration of the practical part of the course in 24 hours.

GIS Advanced Course

This course is intended as a 24-hour course for more experienced GIS users and is briefly covering the basics. The emphasis is put on statistical calculations, simple and advanced spatial data analyses, data summation, getting acquainted with annotations, batch processes, ModelBuilder, and Data Driven Pages.

GIS Advanced Specialized Course

GIS Advanced Specialized Course is individually tailored to your needs with special needs such as raster analysis, topology, cartography, remote sensing and many other topics.

Application of Drones in Business

This three-day education is based on the theoretical and practical part of the usage of drones – the course covers the basics of flying, regulation, planning flight operations, surveying and processing of aerial imagery, inspections of facilities, calculation of the volume of facilities, excavations and embankments, presentation of the application of the drone surveying methodology for various use-cases, and tips & tricks from our experienced instructors.

Business Data Visualization

We offer a 30-hours course Business Data Visualization during 4 days. The course includes an introduction to databases, data visualization and symbolization, graphs application, creation of pivot tables, data preparation for visualization, GIS, and visualization using maps.

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