One of the services we offer to a wide range of users is cartography. Over the years, we have cooperated with international institutions, public institutions, companies, and local government units in the production of overview, thematic and tourist maps. We design and produce cartographic representations that solve geospatial problems, in accordance with the needs of investors. Our custom maps match the visual identity of the user, and we customize the map message to the target audience.

The basis of each map is data, and each project begins with a complete list of data. In cooperation with the user, we arrange a complete scope of geographical data, as well as labels and text on the map.

Map design involves transforming available data into meaningful visual content and creating a map through which the user can explore, discover, understand, and achieve their goals for using the map. When creating a map, we consider existing user’s data in different formats and adapt them to effectively design products for the investor.

We produce individual maps and maps we make for our clients as part of a larger project. Some products we generated are thematic maps of national parks, hiking and trail tourist maps, overview maps of local government units, cemetery maps, geostatistical maps, web maps for Geoportals, etc.