During several years of successful work, progressive development, and continuous growth of our company, we have established an enviable number of reliable partners and satisfied customers with whom we maintain long-term cooperation to our mutual satisfaction.


The list of our proud partners within large companies, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions all over the world is expanding day by day, and we are looking forward to possible future cooperation with new companies and/or institutions.
From the entire aggregation of our services provided by our team of technical people, some of the services we offer in cooperation with our partners include developing IT solutions and web applications, collecting aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR data, and professional and scientific education.


The spectrum of our satisfied clients on several continents throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa in terms of our technical services and education is repeatedly broadening, where continuous long-term cooperation and indispensable volume and quality of our company’s services speaks for itself and creates a realistic image of our ability to recognize the needs and capacity to contribute to solutions which complete the requirements of various customers as individuals and their organizations.

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