GIS Consulting

Our GIS consultants provide a wide range of services related to solving customer problems—from analysing business processes, collecting, converting and processing data to generating the final product, with strict and reliable quality control in every part of the process.

In addition to GIS consultations, we provide a number of different services that include various forms of analysis, such as the application of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to determine graphical indicators, and calculating the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) to assess vegetation activity in a given area. Furthermore, we deal with data modelling, which includes interpolations and numerical calculations shaped into conceptual schemes that represent the image of the real world, as well as geospatial statistics and the collection and processing of sensor data (LiDAR point cloud, aerial photography, and multispectral imaging).

Our services are based on designing the architecture of IT systems and GIS, which is performed by top GIS experts. We also pay special attention to the process of monitoring the implementation of IT and GIS projects and management, advising clients in the development of strategies, guidelines and plans. GIS consulting is also crucial for the implementation of scientific research projects that are the backbone of our work. Data science and business intelligence (BI) are additional services we offer to achieve better results and better solutions.