About us

We maintain 3 level education GIS training courses for ArcGIS and QGIS
held by instructors with ESRI certifications with multiple years of experience:
a GIS Introduction
, a GIS Basic, and a GIS Advanced Course.

We offer GIS education specialized for the staff of
the Institutes and the Public Institutions!

About us

Prehnit Ltd has been since 2009 providing consulting services in the field of planning, design, implementation and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as well as education for the use of GIS technologies. Our multidisciplinary team consists of geoinformatic experts with ESRI certifications, software developers, and specialists of natural and technical sciences ready to respond to any challenge, regardless of complexity, demandingness or geographic location of the project. GIS consultants and specialists provide professional GIS support in a variety of geoinformatic services, and a team of software developers develops WebGIS systems and its own applications, while also providing support in developing and maintaining client applications. Cooperation with scientific institutions and professional associations is extremely important to us. We have work experience in environmental and nature protection, civil protection, search and rescue services, transport and infrastructure, agriculture and forestry, tourism, telecommunications, geology, geography and archaeology, as well as in working with local governments, utility companies, geodetic services and cadastre.

Our accomplishments

Our satisfied customers are public and private companies, organisations, local governments, utility companies, and geodetic and cadastre services, and persons from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Besides Europe, we have experience conducting businesses with foreign investors in Asia and Africa – we have been performing projects in Mongolia and Botswana. Working on variety of activities, we have gathered experiences in the fields of environmental and nature protection, rescue and protection services, transport, telecommunication, geology, geography and archaeology.

Our mission, vision, and goal

Employing our wide competencies, our dedicated mission is to offer you and your business expert consultation, GIS education services, and technical support. We offer services in project management, expert consultation, high quality geospatial data processing and analysis, and professional software development. We provide organization and maintenance of GIS training and workshops for ERSI ArcGIS and QGIS tools conducted by instructors with ESRI certification with rich and long-standing experience in the field, as well as special ICT/GIS/GPS technology educations specifically tailored to the customer needs (in the last 15+ years provided education for more than 1000 trainees of various professions). Since the establishment, we actively work on development of our own, unique software solution – WebGIS Geoportal, innovative platform for the development of digital maps and their publication on the Internet with full support of spatial database management and editing as foundation of map’s visualization framework.

Our goal is to professionally, cost-effectively, innovatively, and reliably provide services in project management, expert consultation, high quality geospatial data processing and analysis, and professional software development.