GIS Services

We provide complete solutions and custom applications developed to meet our clients’ needs. Our GIS consultants, software developers, and GIS specialists utilize the latest in high-speed technologies, combined with a high-resolution display capable of 3-D visualization, and integrated with a high-capacity network storage system. All generated data products can be delivered in a variety of GIS and CAD formats.

The company practices application and software design and implementation, GIS consulting, and the complete work related to meeting clients’ needs – from data collection, through data conversion and processing, to generating the final products with provided quality control, such as high resolution Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, and topographic maps.

Successful planning and implementation of IT system and project management is one of the areas we had taken onto our work. We have experience in providing consultancy work for various clients by a Senior IT Consultant with 20 years’ experience and an ArcGIS certified instructor.