CLCCro Web GIS Portal

The CLCCro Web GIS Portal shows a time-series data on land cover and land cover change for the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Data presented are a result of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service activities which are an integral part of the European Commission’s Earth Observation programme called Copernicus.

This application is intended for the public to easily view, analyse, search and download statistical analyses produced under the project “Copernicus – motrenje korištenja i promjena u korištenju zemljišta, te prateće aktivnosti za razdoblje 2017-2021”.

The main functionalities of the application are visualization of different land cover usage, tracking its change through time and comparison between the regions (e.g. counties, protected areas, etc.)

CLCCro Web GIS Portal supports the overview of CLC data elements at the level of state, county, municipality, protected areas and biogeographic region in the form of class distribution graphs, trend graphs and class area tables. Visualizing selected area and view of basic information in an interactive map is supported. Data can be exported in either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format.

The graphical interface of the app shows 15+ layers, and by selecting two different layers, a slider is shown at the bottom of the page and a marker on the map border. Sliding the cursor changes the map view.

Users that want to compare existing data with their own work can upload their own datasets or use external WMS/WFS services and visualize them in the app. The app is built as responsive – it is customized for use on a variety of screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile).

The application is available at the following website: