GIS Introduction Course

A GIS Introduction Course is designed to cover the basics of the chosen GIS platform (ESRI ArcGIS or QGIS) during three-day training through 20 hours. It is specifically designed to introduce attendants to the GIS concept and its applications; giving insight to a GIS analyst point of view; explaining and using the fundamental capabilities of the interface; using main application’s tools and functions; working with different data formats, GIS layers, and their attribute tables; symbolizing and labeling vector layers; coordinate systems introduction and their explanation; identifying and selecting GIS data; creating and visualizing a simple GIS map.

A weekend course refers to the GIS Introduction Course with duration of 20 hours held out of the working week: Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend course corresponds perfectly to the available weekend time of 20 hours to get acquainted with the selected GIS platform (ESRI ArcGIS or QGIS) at a high intensity.

Regarding course registration, availability, and prices, contact us via e-mail: or phone: +385-1-5513-890. To provide you with the best possible feedback on your inquiry, please state a desirable platform (ArcGIS or QGIS), a course level (Introduction, Basic, Basic Accelerated, Advanced or Advanced Specialized) and a number of interested participants (an individual participant or a group of attendees).